INMOTION V3 PRO [Electric Unicycle]

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Electric unicycles are the coolest and most futuristic PEVs you'll see on the streets today. They look good, rides really smooth, but requires a good sense of balance.
If balance is not exactly your forte but you still want to learn to ride a electric unicycle, we have just the thing for you.


The V3 features 2 parallel wheels seated side by side, significantly increasing the overall balance of the rider. This makes it much easier to master as compared to it's one-wheeled big brother. The twin wheels are well hidden beneath the exterior shell to maintain the sleek outlook of an electric unicycle.

Designed with an in-built aluminium alloy lever, the handlebar can be conveniently extended for a quick trolley.
This means that you can wheel your unicycle comfortably around the malls or MRT stations without having to carry it.

What else do all PEVs need? - LIGHTS!
All V3s come with highly intuitive head and tail lights which automatically alternates based on the direction that the rider is going.
This function will help keep you safe and easy to spot when cruising at night.

INMOTION V3 Pro not only looks high tech. It is equipped with hi-fidelity bluetooth speakers that can easily sync to any smart phone for when you feel like grooving while enjoying your ride. INMOTION also has an APP that allows you to track your speed, distance and much more.


Top Speed 18km/h
Motor 450W
Battery 144 WH
Weight 13.5kg
Wheel Size 14" x 2
Max Range 20km
Charging Time 2 hours
Max Loading 120kg
Colour Silver / Yellow / Blue / Red

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