Dualtron II Limited E-Scooter by Minimotors


Dualtron II Limited EScooter Malaysia

Dualtron II Limited Electric Scooter Malaysia

The Dualtron Limited is the top of its range for the Dualtron II series with the biggest battery built-in battery of 28AH and a slightly longer deck to house the battery. Equipped with a dual powerful motor the dualtron limited is able to achieve a top speed of 65km/h and gradability of 47%.

The dualtron II series is made with aluminum alloy 6064-t6 for main and handle frame for maximum durability and safety and equipped with high-performance lithium-ion cells made in Korea.

The dual electronic brakes with dual disc brakes provide the best braking performance with regenerative charging. 

Due to the high speed and torque be sure to wear the full face helmet and protective gear perfectly and use it safely in a safe place. Before riding, be sure to wear full face helmet which covers whole the face and protective gloves, and protective gears which protect the knees and elbows.

The dashboard on the Dualtron Ultra is a multi-function instrument panel that allows you to adjust the various functions such as speed mode, start mode, cruise mode, electronic brake, as well as acceleration function.

Dualtron II Limited Electric Scooter


Motor Max 3600W BLDC Dual Hub Motor (Dual / Single Drive Selectable)
Charging Time 2A Charger 12 hours / 4A Charger 9 hours / 6.5A Charger 4.3 hours
Max Range 100-120km on ECO
Weight 30kg
Max Speed 65km/h
Gradeability  47% for 75kg
Tire 10" X 2.5" Front and rear pneumatic
Max Load 120 kg
Unfolded Size 1185 X 600 X 1200mm
Folded Size 1185 X 600 X 505
Lights Dual LED headlight & taillight, brake light
Suspension Front and Rear Dual Rubber Suspension
Warranty 3 months limited warranty

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