Fastwheel F0 PRO Electric Scooter



The Fastwheel F0 Pro is the most affordable electric scooter packed with tons of features such as the trolley wheel, removable battery and smartphone app support. Sleek design with no visible wiring with IP54 protection.

F0 Pro is brought to you by the same company that introduced the popular FastWheel unicycle and many other PEVs. The Fastwheel F0 Pro is extremely compact and can be easily trolleyed and fit any crowded bus or train without obstructing fellow commuters. Planning to go somewhere far? Get a additional battery and do a hot swap for that extra miles.

Using LG Lithium-Ion battery, you can be assured that this electric scooter will last you a long time.

Detailed Specifications

Weight 9.8KG
Wheel 6.5" front solid, rear pneumatic
Suspension Built-in front suspension
Top Speed 25km/h*
Range 20-25km
Slope Gradient 15 degree
Motor 250W Brushless
Battery Capacity 2-3 Hours
Brake System Front Electric Brake, Rear Fender
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Warranty 1 Year limited electrical warranty

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