Kleefer E-Pure E-Scooter

Kleefer E-Pure 

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Our Kleefer come with certified Sony Batteries with one year guarantee.*
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Designed and engineered in France.The Kleefer e-Pure is the first electric scooter by Kleefer after its successful launch of its well-liked manual kick scooter, Kleefer Pure.
The Kleefer ePure is also the first electric scooter in the world with a removable battery

Kleefer Escooter Front Malaysia 

The Kleefer e-Pure features the iconic curved deck, unique double handle bar and Fold'n Roll System found on Kleefer Pure.

Built with high-quality aluminium, anti-corrosion coating and a low deck, this french beauty is extremely sturdy and well made.

Kleefer Electric Scooter Fold And Roll

The Fold'n Roll system automatically collapse the scooter in 1 second with just a simple kick.

No more bending down and working your way through jammed lever and bolt. The premium Sony removable battery on Kleefer e-Pure also act as a portable battery bank that charges all your usb devices wherever you go.

Kleefer Escooter Batteries

Weighing in at only 10.8kg, it is incredibly portable and compact. With its slim profile and trolley mode feature, the Kleefer e-Pure can easily fit all car boot and public transport

Kleefer Escooter Easy Trolley Mode

Before starting up your Kleefer EPure, please watch the video below:

Technical Specifications

Top Speed 25 km/h
Range 15km
Weight 10.8kg
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Removable battery 8AH
Braking System Mechanical Rear brake, Electric Front brake with Regenerative Braking System
Wheels Front: 8" Solid
Rear: 6" Pneumatic
Rear Suspension Gocycle LockshockTM 25mm (1 in) travel
Light Front LED lighting
User Manual Kleefer EPure Technical Specifications

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