Ninebot One P [Electric Unicycle]

Ninebot ONE - The Ultimate Electric Unicycle

Check out the Ninebot ONE video below to see it in action!


The Ninebot ONE is the best electric unicycle monowheel on the market. With an incredibly sleek design that is unrivaled by any others on the market, it is capable of reaching up to 28 km/h and has a mileage of up to 35 km!

It also only requires a charging time of about 2 hours.

Making it even more superior, it features a intuitive phone app that allows you to monitor your Speed, Distance Traveled, and also allows you to customize how the Ninebot responds to your movements.

Featuring a ultra fast charging lithium battery to ensure long riding times yet short charging times!

This is the Ninebot One P, a self-balancing and intelligent personal electric vehicle with a range of up to 35km, and goes as fast as 28 km/h. The Ninebot One Models can carry loads up to 110kg, and can handle hill gradients up to 15 degrees - making it the ultimate and perfect compact PEV for Singapore and Malaysia.

Of the electric unicycle/wheelies available, Scootology has found that the Ninebot One is the most advanced. Sporting a phone app that allows you to customize your riding style, it also shows you your speed and tracks how far you have travelled!

With the Ninebot ONE there is no need to scour around for lights to make yourself visible, as it sports customizable light settings - making you more than visible at night. It gives you full customization to set the color!

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