Repair Hoverboard/self-balancing Scooters (for Ninebot, IO Hawk, Inmotion etc.)

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Is your Hoverboard/self-balancing scooter in need of repair? Are the lights not working on your Hoverboard? Is one side not responding or moving? Are you seeing a red light on the Hoverboard?

We are the official service center for Ninebot, IO Hawk, Deux hoverboards and Inmotion. Our technicians can repair your self-balancing scooter and/or hoverboard and restore it to look and perform like new. And we have all the hoverboard parts in stock.

Just bring your Hoverboard down to our service center, and our staff will perform a quick assessment and quote the repair costs for repairing your broken Hoverboard. 

Pick up and Delivery service is available as well, just call us at +603 7886 7188 or email us at  

We repair all brands of Hoverboards and self-balancing scooters, including repairing PhunkeeDuck, repairing IO-Hawk, Monorover, ChicSmart, Ninebot, Inmotion etc.

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