Deux Cruiser | Hoverboard

The Deux Hoverboard is the most compact self-balancing electric scooter on the market today. Equipped with Samsung batteries, the Deux is the latest in electric mobility.

What makes the DEUX Hoverboard special

The Deux Cruiser uses state of the art technology, with Samsung Batteries, guaranteeing you have the quality that Scootology is renowned for. With an option 6 months or 1 year warranty so you can rest assured that we'll have you covered if anything should happen to your Hoverboard.

The Deux hoverboard can long lasting (>2000 charge cycles), fast charging (2 hours or less) Samsung Lithium batteries which extends the lifespan of your electric hoverboard and provides the smoother acceleration of your hoverboard compared to poor quality China made Lithium batteries that exists in many hoverboards on the market. That is why the certified Samsung Lithium based hoverboards can be guaranteed for at least one year.

With a max range of 15 km, the Deux is the lightest and most compact e-scooter today. With 2 section (left and right) that are independently controlled and driven by 2x brushless hub motors, the Deux allows riders to rotate on a single axis and even has enough torque to climb steep slopes up to 20 degrees.

Extremely compact, the Deux can easily be carried up the bus, or train and store neatly in any car compartment.

The Deux scooter is also known as the IO-Hawk, Phunkeeduck, Ronaldinho Scooter or UWHeels in America, where celebrities have gone crazy over them, including the likes of Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner.


- Transmission: 2 x 24V 250W 8" brushless DC hub motor
- Battery: Samsung Li-Poly 24V 6.5 Ah
- Weight: 10 KG
- Range: 10-15 KM (6-7 hours of use)
- Charge time: 2-3 Hours for full charge
- Top Speed: 10 KM/h *
- Tires: 8 inch solid tires front and rear

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