Electric Scooter Repair

Type of Servicing

Official Electric Scooter Repair Center for Inokim, Etwow, Zoom Air, ZERO, DYU)

Electric Scooter faulty and no idea how to repair it or where to get it fixed?

Scootology has a team of experienced professional technicians who can fix most if not all your electric scooter issues like tire punctures, electrical faults, shaky handlebars, brake repairs etc. And we have all electric scooter parts in stock. We specialize mainly in the repairs of the following brands:

  1. Inokim
  2. IMAX 
  3. GoBoard/MBoard
  4. ETWOW / Zoom Air 
  5. ZERO / Nextdrive
  6. Ninebot 
  7. GoPed
  8. Inmotion
  9. DYU

Simply bring your E-Scooter down to our authorised service center, and our staff will perform a quick assessment and quote the repair costs for repairing your broken scooter. 

We repair all brands of Electric Scooters, including Inokim, etwow, Zoom Air, Ninebot, GoPed, IMAX, GoBoard, hoverboards, ZERO and electric unicycles!

Electric scooter caught under a car

 General Service

Just like a car, an electric scooter requires routine maintenance. Depending on the frequency of use a General service should be carried out once every six months or so.

General service covers:

  • tightening of loose screws, especially around the folding joint
  • check on brakes for function and condition of brake pads
  • check on tyre condition
  • general cleaning and dust removal
  • overall visual check to spot for parts that appear to be in need of replacement
General service does not cover the cost of replacement of parts.

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