Battery Upgrade Packs (for Inokim, IMAX etc.)

Battery Configuration

Want to get more distance per charge from your electric scooter? We have a specially customised battery upgrade packs available for most electric scooter models especially the MYWAY, Inokim Light and Inokim Quick!

This battery upgrade option is available for Inokim Quick and Light series, IMAX Q3, T3 and S1+ series and works as a secondary battery pack option to your electric scooter's primary battery source. Never get stuck in the middle of your journey with no more charge again!  

Available in 36V and 48V packs. Capacity of batteries range from 3.9Ah to 5.2Ah which adds between 15-20km to your overall mileage. Our battery upgrade packs use Panasonic NCR18650B cells.

Prices include installation and a 6 month warranty. Warranty does not cover water damage. 

Read our tutorial here for tips on proper maintenance to prolong your e-scooter battery life. 


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