GOTWAY / Begode T4 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Learning will be easy!
Together with your purchase of an electric unicycle from us, you will also receive 1-2 hours of free coaching within KL!

The new Gotway Begode T4, which is also called the smaller brother of the big suspension wheel Gotway Begode Master (because of the similar frame), is a suspension wheel with a high torque motor. Regardless of its “average” frame size, you can’t underestimate the T4. Forget the fear of steep hills or fast accelerations, the Begode T4 has your back on all these aspects. Equipped with a 1800Wh battery pack that is powered by 100V, this wheel can take you to places and also get you back from places. The 2500W High-Torque motor and other Begode Master features such as suspension and a large top display are all there!

No hill is an obstacle!

Electric Unicycle Malaysia

Electric Unicycle Malaysia

Electric Unicycle Malaysia


  • Model: Gotway T4
  • Colour: Black
  • Motor: 2500W
  • Max Speed: 60kmh
  • Battery Capacity: T4- 1800wh 100v
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Max Weight: 120 kg
  • Range: T4 100-150km
  • Last: 8.5hour

All electric unicycle are covered by 6 months limited warranty with local service and support in Malaysia.

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