JOYOR F1 Electric Scooter - 36V, 700W Peak Power, 25Km, 25kmh, Front & Rear LED, Front Suspension, Foldable & Adjustable Handle


The Joyor F1 is the flagship of Joyor. It's a high-quality electric scooter with all the essentials.

Powerful 700W Peak Power Motor: Urban Convenience Designed with urban convenience in mind, the Joyor F1 features a powerful brushless DC motor. Ideal for navigating flat city terrains, this motor ensures a smooth and efficient ride, making your daily commutes or leisurely rides a seamless experience.

JOYOR F1 Best Electric Scooter Malaysia

Fast Charging: Embark on urban journeys with confidence, as the Scooter Joyor F1 boasts an efficient range of up to 25 km powered by the 36V 8Ah battery. With a quick charging time of only 4-5 hours, you can spend less time waiting and more time cruising through the city streets.

Safety First: Drum Brake & Lights Your safety is paramount with the Joyor F1. It comes equipped with a dependable rear drum brake, a bright front light for enhanced visibility, and a rear caution light to alert others on the road.

JOYOR F1 Best Electric Scooter Malaysia

Lightweight Freedom: Easy Handling Weighing just 12 kg, the Electric Scooter Joyor F1 is the epitome of lightweight freedom. Its easy handling allows you to effortlessly navigate through busy streets and crowded spaces. Plus, its lightweight nature makes it a breeze to carry and store.

Enhanced Ride Quality: Dual Tire Setup The Electric Scooter Joyor F1 is engineered for an enhanced ride quality. It features an 8" air front tire combined with front suspension for a smoother ride. Complementing this setup is a practical solid rear tire, designed to eliminate worries of punctures and ensuring a consistent and dependable ride.

Advanced Control: Multifunctional Color LCD Display This intuitive interface not only provides real-time data but also features a convenient USB charging port, allowing you to power up your devices while cruising. Adjust settings, monitor performance, and stay charged without missing a beat.

JOYOR F1 Best Electric Scooter Malaysia

Effortless Cruising: Advanced Cruise Control Experience a new level of riding comfort with the Electric Scooter Joyor's advanced cruise control. Set your desired speed and let the scooter maintain it, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey without constantly adjusting the throttle.

Easy to carry and compact to fold, our flagship electric scooter will facilitate your transport on a daily basis. Perfect for intensive urban use and for routes combined with public transport.


Motor 700W Peak Power
36V 8Ah 
Top Speed 25kmh 
Weight 12.5kg
Max Range 25km
Charging Time 4-5 Hours
Lights Front and rear 
Tyres 8" Front Air and Solid Rear
Suspension Front
Braking System Rear Drum Brake System​
Max Weight 120kg
Size Unfolded

 980x540x1140 mm

Size Folded 880x180x360 mm


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