KAABO Wolf Warrior X Pro / Pro+ : 60V 21Ah, 4400W Peak Power, 65kmh, 50km, Dual Hydraulic, C-Spring Suspension, EBS, LED Lights


The SUV of Electric Scooters

KAABO Wolf Warrior X Pro Electric Scooter Malaysia

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is the all-around answer for e-scooter capability and power. Dominate the road and nature alike in this heavy-duty, all-terrain electric scooter. The aggressive Wolf Warrior pushes the envelope to redefine what multi-purpose electric transportation means. Tame any road and conquer off-road riding with the dual motor and 11-inch wheels on the Wolf Warrior.

KAABO Wolf Warrior X Pro Electric Scooter Malaysia


60V 21Ah 
Motor 4400W Peak Power
Speed 65kmh
Max Range 50km
Max Load 120 kg
Wheels 10" x 3.0" Mud Tyres, 10" x 3.0" Street Tyres
Body 6061-T6 Aviation Grade Aluminium, 6082-T6 Aviation Grade Aluminium, One Piece Forging
Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake, EABS
Light Front Dual Spotlight LED, Rear Tail Lights, Side LED RGB
Weight  30 kg
Charging Time 6 hours
Modes Dual Motor, ECO, Single Motor, Turbo
Suspension  Patented Dual Hydraulic & C-Spring
Dimension 127.5 × 31.5 × 64 mm
Warranty 12 Months Limited electrical warranty

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