Launch of the ZERO E-Scooter Series

January 22, 2019

Launch of the ZERO E-Scooter Series - Scootology - Malaysia's Best Electric Scooter

Launch of the ZERO E-Scooter Series

The ZERO is a high performance, value for money e-scooter series that checks every box in an e-scooter rider’s idea of a dream scooter.

ZERO Emissions. ZERO Scooters.

The ZERO series represent a simple yet powerful message: ZERO Emissions.

With a budget to match that simplicity, the ZERO electric scooters follow a signature black, white and red colour theme, and their design are as eye-catching as they are impressive in performance.

The ZERO series is every e-scooter rider’s dream. It checks every box that both a newbie and a seasoned scooter rider would desire in their electric ride…

  1. Front and rear suspension? Check.
  2. At least a 48V drive train system? Check.
  3. Integrated front and rear lights? Check.
  4. Enough Power to climb 15deg slopes effortlessly? Check.
  5. Enough battery capacity to run at least 35km? Check.
  6. Configurable power and acceleration? Check, Check and Check.

Below, we present and review the 5 models that make up the All New ZERO series.

ZERO 8 — A Value E-Scooter

ZERO 8 e-scooter

All you ever need in an electric scooter

An entry level high performance e-scooter that rivals any other escooter in the market in the sub-US$700 price bracket. It’s got all the basic bells and whistles a beginner rider would need in an e-scooter.

With dual suspension, a 35-45km range and a powerful 48V 500W motor, there is no other electric scooter in the market that gives you more bang for your buck.

How does it compare to its closest competitor, the Speedway mini 4 PRO?

The ZERO 8 is very similar in terms of performance with the Speedway mini PRO, at a much lower price. Both are 48V drive train systems with 500W of power.

Ride comfort is very similar. Both have front air tyres and front spring suspension. However, the ZERO 8 uses a pair of air shocks for its rear suspension instead of the Speedway’s double spring suspension.

This suspension is absolute necessary due to the solid rubber tires on both these escooters which would make the ride extremely bumpy without the rear suspension. The ZERO 8’s air shocks trump the Speedway’s rear springs in terms of looks and functionality, providing a softer cushion for every bump.

Both e-scooters are equipped with single rear drum e-brakes as their braking mechanism.

Check out this user experience video from a ZERO 8 rider from France:

ZERO 9 — An Upgraded ZERO 8

ZERO9 e-scooter

Similar to the ZERO 8 with air tires and double brakes

The ZERO 9 is basically an amped-up ZERO 8 with a higher power output (25A controller), air tires front and rear to provide more ride comfort and double brakes (rear drum brakes and front disc brake). With a range of up to 45km per charge, this escooter is a great choice for riders who need to go the distance but still want something compact.

Whether you commute directly from home to work everyday or work as a delivery rider, the ZERO 9 will guarantee you a comfortable ride throughout your long journey.

How does the ZERO 9 compare to equivalent models like the Inokim Light 2?

On the design and weight scale, the Inokim Light 2 beats out anything in the market. Although similar in size and compactness, the Light 2 is comparatively more portable at 13kg while the ZERO 9 weighs considerably more at 18kg.

When comparing performance, the ZERO 9 stands a head above the Light 2. Whether it is torque and power (500W vs 350W), top speed (40kmh vs 35kmh) or ride comfort (dual suspension on the ZERO 9 vs none on the Inokim Light 2), there isn’t anything in the market like the ZERO 9.

Both e-scooter models are equipped with front and rear air tires for added comfort. The Light uses dual drum brakes as opposed to the ZERO 9’s front disc and rear drum brake system.

ZERO 10 — 10-inch Scooter Market Disruptor

Zero 10 single motor

ZERO 10 800W dual suspension super scooter

The ZERO 10 is ZERO’s entry level representative in the hugely overcrowded 10 inch scooter space. In this 10 inch space, you have the original Inokim Quick 3, and Speedway 4. Both market leaders in their own right. And to disrupt the market, we now have the ZERO 10.

The ZERO 10 is equipped with a single 52V drive hub motor, and a 18Ah battery to give more than 60km of range per charge. The LTA approved version for the Singapore market comes equipped with a 7Ah version, which can do about 25km in range.

How does it compare to the Speedway 4?

The ZERO 10 is comparable to the Speedway 4 in terms of performance with the ZERO 10 slightly edging out in terms of max power output. The Zero 10 is able to output 800W (1600W peak power) but the speedway has a max power output of 1000W.

Both scooters are 52V drive systems with large enough batteries to drive more than 60km per charge. The ZERO 10 comes with a 18Ah battery while the Speedway comes with a 30Ah battery. The difference is that the ZERO 10 uses Li Ion batteries while the Speedway uses Li Po batteries. Li Ion batteries are lighter hence the ZERO 10 weighs less than the Speedway.

In terms of suspension, the ride experience on the ZERO 10 has been described as extremely cushioned. With 2 large air shocks able to hold up to 120kg in weight, the ZERO 10 offers unparalleled ride comfort. The Speedway has stiff suspension that may be more suitable for off road riding.

ZERO 8X — Compact yet Powerful Urban Rider

zero 8x standing

ZERO 8X is a compact dual suspension 2 wheel drive e-scooter

A compact dual motor e-scooter, the ZERO 8X does not disappoint in terms of power. Matching that of the ZERO 10X, the 8X delivers the same power output (1600W from twin motors) in a much smaller package. Switch between single motor to save on battery or dual motor drive to get maximum thrills.

Equipped with 8″x 5″ tires, the 8X hugs the tarmac like a koala, making this the perfect road machine.

However, with motorbike style suspension that has a travel depth of over 10cm, the ZERO 8 can take off road conditions just as easily as it can take urban conditions. Stiffness and height of the suspension can be adjusted by adjusting the screw.

ZERO 10X — All Terrain 2 Wheel Drive

ZERO 10X e-scooter

The ZERO 10X is the most high performance e-scooter in the ZERO series

The highest performance and fiercest e-scooter in the ZERO series with dual spring shocks, dual 800W motor (for a peak power of 3200W on max load) and a whole lot of beautiful design features.

This is not an electric scooter for the faint-hearted. Engage the dual motor mode and you will feel like you are in a drag race. The ZERO 10X’s instant acceleration can be felt as soon as you press down the throttle.

Watch this unboxing video of the ZERO 10X to see what to expect:

Here is GaloreRides’ independent review of the ZERO 10X:

ZERO Regrets

You can read all about the specifications and watch all the videos about the different models, but there is no better way to decide which ZERO suits you best than to try for yourself. So get down to your nearest ZERO dealer, take a test ride and experience the performance, build quality and engineering that has gone into making these incredible machines.

The ZERO e-scooter series is now available in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, France, New ZealandUSA, UK and Thailand.