The Black Sheep of our E-Scooter Community

April 04, 2018

The Black Sheep of our E-Scooter Community - Scootology - Malaysia's Best Electric Scooter

What Not To Do As an E-Scooter Rider

In this article, we would like to feature some of the mind boggling, image tarnishing stuff that some e-scooter riders in our community are doing.

These are the absolute minority but they are giving the majority a bad name.

E-Scooters by regulation need to fall within the 20kg limit, cannot exceed 25kmh and cannot be ridden on roads.

Many of these illegal e-scooters far exceed the 20kg limit and are ridden mostly by our young ones with no sense of fear on roads and even (gasp!) expressways. Speeds exceeding those of a moped are commonplace.

This is pure ignorance. A car driver is not trained to look out for something so small that is sharing the same space with them. And in a split second decision, it’s a 1 Tonne (1000kg) metal going head to head against a 40kg e-scooter. It’s a forgone conclusion.

Here are our All Stars (compiled from Stomp and various fb pages):

Reckless E-Scooter Rider in Singapore

Rider making a left turn and nearly colliding into a car making a U-turn Credit: Stomp

The right thing to do: Just be on the pavement. Why compete with taxis or buses who could roll you over like popiah?

Reckless E-bike riders

These kids are what? 17 max? Riding shoulder to shoulder with cars and motorbikes.

There isn’t anything right they could do in the scenario above. But the SAFE thing to do is to at least wear a motorcycle helmet and maybe….get a motorbike license so you can ride a real motorbike.

reckless e-scooter rider

Wind in his hair, music in his ears, smoke on his lips, not a care in the world.

Singapore’s young and dangerous. He could do smoke and ride while riding on the pavement too. But he likes putting car drivers in danger.

reckless e-scooter rider

Zipping in front of a taxi. Its not you we are concerned about. Its the taxi driver’s mental well-being after he squashes you like a roach.

A case of young and inexperienced riding.

illegal e-scooter rider

Not just riding on the road, but on the right lane. Girl…you got a pair, an ignorant pair.

Another young and inexperienced rider.

reckless e-scooter riders

We won’t say anything out of respect of the deceased. ‘Nuff said.