Tutorials To Help You DIY

July 13, 2020

Tutorials To Help You DIY - Scootology - Malaysia's Best Electric Scooter

Tutorials To Help You DIY

09 Jun , 2020

What do us e-scooter enthusiasts do in times of the Great Social Distancing measure?

Not so surprisingly, there has been an uptick of micromobility usage during these "new-normal" times of social distancing. Commuters are taking more to bicycles, ebike and e-scooters as their preferred choice of transport rather than squeeze into crowded trains and buses. 

Businesses are only allowed to open on an appointment basis and hence accessibility to shops and service centers are reduced. If we were to use our e-scooters more regularly, that also means more servicing and maintenance is required. But with reduced shop timings, we may find it difficult to get hold of a reliable service center. 

This is where we come in to help! 

Servicing your bicycle is easy as bicycles are easy components to deal with and everything is mechanical. 

E-scooters are a bit more complicated due to the electro-mechanical nature of it. We have lots of DIY video content to serve as a guide for you. These are not step by step tutorials but just a guide to help you along, giving you tips and tricks on how to maintain your scooter in tip top condition. 

Here's a selection of them on how to service different parts of an e-scooter. Feel free to look through them and if there is any topic we did not cover, please drop us an email at sales@myelecricscooterz.com and we shall do up a video if there is sufficient demand! 


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