BEGODE EX30 - 4000W, 3600Wh, 120kmh

Learning will be easy!
Together with your purchase of an electric unicycle from us, you will also receive 1-2 hours of free coaching within KL!

Limit Breaking Voltage

Ever breaking limits, Begode has made the most powerful EUC in the world! The EX30 packs an incredible 134 volts and 3,600 watt hours of capacity.

Refined Suspension

A refined chassis with suspension, used for the T4, master, master pro and more have given Begode the edge when it comes to suspension wheels.

Electric Unicycle Malaysia

Electric Unicycle MalaysiaElectric Unicycle Malaysia


  • Model: Begode EX30
  • Colour: Black
  • Motor: 4000w
  • Max Speed: 120 kmh
  • Battery Capacity: 3600wh
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Max Weight: 120kg


1. C40 3.0 Wide Ring High Torque Motor

2. High Speed 120km/h

3. ip65 Water Proof Motor

4. Suspension Distance 100mm

5. 36units High Performance Mosfet

6. Fourth Generation Adjustable Damping

7. Adjustable Air Spring

All electric unicycle are covered by 6 months limited warranty with local service and support in Malaysia.

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