Ninebot Mini PLUS E-Scooter


Ninebot Mini Plus Unicycle

The Segway miniPLUS is like having your own personal robot. The premium technology, extended functionalities and sleek design make the miniPLUS the most advanced model within the Segway mini Series. If you are looking for high-tech quality and outstanding performance, the miniPLUS is for you.

Effortlessly head over to your favourite hangout spot with speeds up to 20 km/h. Do not worry about riding through rain or puddles, as the Segway miniPLUS is equipped with a high battery protection (IPX6) that allows for usage under all weather conditions. Even when you’re not riding it, the miniPLUS can stay at your side and independently follow you every step of the way. The Segway miniPLUS is without a doubt your most loyal follower!

Ninebot Mini PlusNinebot Mini Plus

Electric Unicycles

Ninebot Mini Plus

Ninebot Mini Plus


Weight 16 KG
Max Load 100 KG
Max Range 35 KM
Max Speed 18 km/h
Charging Time 4 Hours
Warranty 1 year limited warranty 
Availability Malaysia, Singapore, International

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